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Pest Assassins Pest Control
and Termite Specialist


Who We Are

You may know us by our catchy name...

But customers know us best for the peace of mind we’ve delivered to homes for the past 50 years. What began with a catchy name has grown into a service package that considers each and every aspect of your home. Our goal is to fix your immediate problems and prevent them from ever happening again by addressing their root cause. Pest Assassins Pest Control has long been the name residents call upon for reliable service and quality results that ultimately save the day – and last for years to come.

Providing safe and effective Pest control. Termite Control, Disinfection and Fumigation services for the good of the people everywhere in the country.


Pest Assassins Pest Control and Termite Specialist, brings you the renowned reliability and nearly 2 decades  of experience and expertise.  We will continue to differentiate our company in the marketplace as quality pest control provider by providing the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally responsible solutions to all of our client’s challenges.

Local knowledge is the key to successful client service for both of our companies, which is why the same great pest specialists will continue to service the homes and properties in Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Calabarzon, Surigao and Cagayan de Oro.  Pest Assassins Pest Control, Fumigation and Termite Control have been protecting homes and businesses for nearly 2 decades by providing quality solutions to homeowners unique pest problems. Our commitment to quality service includes the continuous use of new cutting-edge programs,  products and 



Termite Specialist

If you would like to discuss TERMITE treatment solutions or pest management services with our team, please feel free to contact our friendly staff at Pest Assassins Pest Control and Termite Specialist . Call us today on 0998.445.4558 or by sending us a message via our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We are the only  choice for Termite Treatment in the Philippines!


technologies by our highly trained and experienced personnel. The quality of training and the longevity of our employees is unmatched in the industry.

Pest Assassins Pest Control and Termite Specialist offer residential and commercial pest management services throughout Visayas and beyond. Our flagship service is the “Termite Control program” Exclusion programs for general pest and rodent control are specialties. Our termite division provides both liquid treatments and state-of-the-art monitoring systems for subterranean termite control. The fumigation division is.  Pest Assassins Pest Control and Termite Specialist provide fast, friendly and efficient termite inspections for homeowners and businesses alike.

We are proud to be a member of the Jansen Technologist Enterprise family of companies in the Philippines. Technologist Pest Control is a pest control business with operations all over the Philippines, and provides high levels of service to commercial and residential customers everywhere. Working with them we are confident that our history of service provision to the people and businesses of the Philippines will continue to develop and improve. Our mission is to protect people and enhance lives through our technical experts. Call us at 0961.019.5455.


Female Exterminators

The scene is all too common in people's imaginations today. A young girl shrieks at the sight of a spider, an ant or any other creepy-crawly. In comes a father, brother, boyfriend or husband to the rescue. In reality, girls - and women - can and do love bugs. Some of them even work with them, in the pest control industry or the entomology field.

Pest Assassins Pest Control and Termite Specialist has a Female Team.  Ladies are known for their meticulous and near perfect attitude towards a job so we have decided to train an all female exterminators for your pest control and termite control jobs.


Female Technician



Female Technician

Applying larvicides


Female Technician


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