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How To Spot Termite Problems On Your Cebu Property

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Termites have quite the reputation for being one of the most damage-causing pests, and this is a reputation they have earned. While tiny, termites in Cebu can cause major problems for property owners as they are one of, if not, the most destructive pests in the area.

In fact, the average property owner who deals with a termite infestation will spend thousands in repairs, but this number could be much higher. Termites eat through wooden structures as they extract the nutrients contained in the cellulose fibers, and because of this, they can destroy anything from flooring, decks, support beams, furniture, and more.

However, while termites are bad news to have inside your home or business, they do serve a purpose in nature. It can be easy to assume that these pests are all bad, but they play a vital role in the ecosystem. Their ability to break down cellulose fibers means they are able to clear out dead and decaying wood.

Even so, you definitely don’t want to deal with them around your property. Here is a guide to help you identify termites and spot signs of damage before an infestation gets out of hand.

How Do Termites Look Like?

The answer to this question depends on the type of termite they are in relation to their caste system. While worker and soldier termites are a white to cream-white color, the termite swarmer's are dark brown to black. The swarmer's have wings and look similar to flying ants while the other members of the colony are wingless.

Why Is It Important To Be Aware of Signs Of Termites?

Because termites are about the size of ants and because they prefer dark, out-of-sight areas, it can be extremely difficult to identify an infestation early on. Termites will often create colonies under flooring or inside of walls, so they can go months or even years before you even realize they are there.

The best way to handle termite prevention and to save yourself stress and money is to always know and check for signs of an infestation. And, the most effective way to prevent termites from damaging your home or business is to hire pest control professionals like Pest Assassins to conduct annual inspections.

Even if you know the signs of termites and try to be on the lookout, many of the signs won’t show up right away. Pest Assassins Termite Specialist and Pest control experts have the experience and tools needed to identify these infestations.

What Are The Signs Of A Termite Infestation?

While getting annual inspections for your property is by far the best way to deal with termites, it’s still important to know what the signs of an infestation are. This way, you have an extra line of defense and can regularly check your home.

The six main signs of a termite infestation include:

1) Hearing a clicking noise coming from the inside of walls or under the flooring

2) Noticing that doors and windows fit more tightly in their frames

3) Having floorboards that have started to buckle or squeak

4) Seeing termite frass around the property. Termite frass is the name for termite droppings. 5) These are small pellets that they will push out of their nest.

6) Finding discarded wings of termite swarmers. These swarmers are the flying termites in the colony that are responsible for reproduction.

7) Noticing water damage on walls and wallpaper

You’ve Seen Signs Of Termites: What’s Next?

If you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above, the best thing to do is contact the experts at Pest Assassins Termite Specialist and Pest Control right away. Trying to remove these invasive pests on your own is rarely effective, and you’ll often waste time and money without even removing the entire colony.

Instead, contact us today at 0961.019.5455 to learn more about our residential and commercial termite control options in Cebu. We even provide free estimates.

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