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How to Identify and Control Termites in Iloilo?

Have you noticed termite damage in your homes and offices in Iloilo? You are not alone. Every year termites cause millions in structural damage, and property owners spend thousands to treat them. This article focuses on how you, as a consumer, can identify and help protect your property from termites through effective prevention measures and appropriate use of termite treatments.

How do I Know if I Have Termites?

The first step in prevention is to be on the alert for termites. Termites rarely emerge from soil, mud tubes, or food sources through which they are tunneling. Most people are not aware they have termites until they see a swarm or see damage. Some of the ways to discover if you have termites are listed below:

1) Examine, by probing, exposed wood for hollow spots (using a flathead screwdriver or ice pick).

2.) Identify termite swarms (sometimes ant swarms are mistaken as termites).


* front wings longer than the hind wings

* antennae bent at ninety degree angle


* wings are roughly equal in length

* antennae are straight; may droop

The most common type of termite in most areas of the Philippines is the native subterranean termite species coptotermes vastator Other, less common, types of termites but equally as destructive includes the smaller Drywood termite and the Dampwood Termite.

Damage caused by termites by building their sub-colony between double walls.

How Can I Prevent Termite Infestation in Iloilo?

Make the Structure Less Attractive to Termites. During construction, use a concrete foundation and leave a ventilation space between the soil and wood. Cover exposed wood surfaces with a sealant or metal barrier.

Maintain a Termite Preventive Maintenance in Iloilo.

1) After construction, keep the soil around the foundation dry through proper grading and drainage (including maintenance of gutters and downspouts).

2) Reduce openings that offer termites access to the structure (filling cracks in cement foundations as well as around where utilities pass through the wall with cement, grout, or caulk).

3) Fix leaks immediately.

4) Keep vents free from blockage, including plants.

5) Ensure that trees and shrubs are not planted too close to the structure and do not allow them to grow against exposed wood surfaces.

6) Do not pile or store firewood or wood debris next to the house.

Inspect periodically to help ensure that termite colonies do not become established.

7) Hire the Termite Experts in Iloilo, Call the Pest Assassins in Iloilo at 0961.019.5455

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